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They're Coming!

Posted November 18, 2015 by: Dudley Hall |3 Comments

The refugees are coming! What shall we do? Various state governors are reacting to the risks of having supposedly hastily-vetted Syrian refugees resettled in their states. After what has happened in Paris, their concerns are understandable. We are not unaware that ruthless terrorists will use this opportunity to bolster their diabolical scheme to destroy. But there is another dynamic here that should be recognized by Christians. While we pray for government officials who try to distinguish the refugee from the terrorist, we must see that the mission field is coming to us. We have been trying to reach out to Syrian people with the message of hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our missionaries have been persecuted and martyred trying to reach them in their own land. Now, they are coming to us. Could it be that these refugees being dispersed to countries where they can hear the gospel and find real hope for life now and forever are honoring the blood of those martyrs?... Keep Reading

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