The Prophets Preach the Gospel – CD


The Bible is a living, breathing instrument through which God continues to speak to his people today. His Word changes his people. And when we’re changed by God, we can’t help but see him more clearly, know him better, and enjoy him more.

If you’re hungry to experience more of the Bible, join Dudley Hall in his eight-part series The Prophets Preach the Gospel. Throughout the series, you’ll study four foundational books of the Bible that are often overlooked or misunderstood:

  • o Joel and the Day of the Lord
  • o Haggai and the Presence of the Lord
  • o Zechariah and the Community of the Lord
  • o Malachi and the Covenant of the Lord


Get ready to unlock the life-changing truth of these four minor Gospels in The Prophets Preach the Gospel.

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