Living Holy In a Hostile Culture DVD


These are challenging days. It seems that the world is becoming a darker place for believers with every passing day, but did you know that this is not a new phenomenon?

The book of 1 Peter tells of early believers being persecuted for their faith in Christ. This group of Christians were misunderstood and rejected by mainstream culture. Amidst heavy oppression, they asked questions that believers find themselves asking today:

  • o Why does it feel like evil is winning?
  • o How are we supposed to respond?
  • o When will we experience the victory?


In this 8-part series, Dudley Hall will take you on an in-depth study of Peter’s letter as he answers these questions and explains the historical and spiritual significance that impacts us still today. You will be encouraged and informed as you expand your perspective and understand how to remain in Christ during even the most trying times.

If you’ve ever felt your faith tested by fire from the world around you, it’s time to step into the scripture and understand how to turn your trial into praise, glory, and honor for the King.

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