Enjoying Prayer DVD


Prayer can be a Believer’s greatest ally in the daily battle against the enemy. So why do many Christians see communicating with God as more of a chore than a passion? In this nine-part series, Dudley Hall will

teach you how to go from viewing prayer as a duty to viewing it as a delight. Enjoying Prayer will teach you how to:

  • o Embrace a New Testament definition of prayer
  • o Develop confidence in your ability to pray with power
  • o Understand how prayer impacts the world around you
  • o Have a fuller understanding of the Scriptures through prayer
  • o And so much more


No matter where you are in your journey of prayer, there’s always more of God to experience. If you’ve found yourself bored, frustrated, or confused about prayer—or if you just want to take your prayer life to the next level—it’s time to start Enjoying Prayer.

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