LE 2024 Application

The vision of Leadership Expedition is for young men to discover the depths of their God-given identity as sons adopted by a good Father. Are you on board with that?(Required)
“We believe one of the best ways to accomplish that is by providing you an opportunity to learn and practice the fundamentals of discipleship and leadership in an interactive and challenging environment with other young men who share this same desire.”(Required)
Leadership Expedition is ten days of challenge, learning, work and play at the majestic Tesoro Escondido Ranch on the banks of the Brazos River just outside Mineral Wells, Texas. Each class is small by design to allow for plenty of personal interaction. A tremendous bond of brotherhood grows among the men who participate. LE 2024 will begin on THURSDAY, JULY 11th and end on SUNDAY afternoon, JULY 21st.(Required)
One last thing before we get going. If you haven't already watched the LE video, please do so now by copying and pasting this link into your browser: https://vimeo.com/794276772(Required)
LE is intentionally designed to be challenging. Challenging sounds good online, but challenging is hard, challenging hurts and in Texas in July, challenging is hot! If someone talked you into LE or you are applying to satisfy someone, please think seriously about if LE is something YOU want to do. Are you up for the challenge? DO YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN LEADERSHIP EXPEDITION?(Required)
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Email will be our primary form of contact and it's important that you check yours regularly. Please be sure to enter the SAME email at which you received the invite to apply!
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By submitting this application, you agree to submit to the authority of the leaders of Leadership Expedition during your training and to participate in all activities to the full extent you are able.(Required)
Within 10 days, an LE staff member will contact you to schedule a verbal interview. Nothing to stress over; we'll ask you more details about some of your answers here and focus on why you want to participate in LE, what your expectations are, and where you might fit on the team. You'll have a chance to ask questions as well, so if any come to mind, you might jot them down.(Required)
Within 10 days of your interview, you'll receive an email notifying you of your selection and providing specific logistical details, or a staff member will get in touch with you if we have any additional questions or concerns regarding your participation.(Required)
Contact us anytime in the process if you have questions or concerns. Use the contact page on our website (kerygmaventures.com). You can reach us by phone, email, facebook, or webform, and we'd love to hear from you! Be sure and check us out on Facebook and Instagram (@kerygmaventures).(Required)