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Dudley's Weekly Word

Angelic Envy

Posted September 13, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |1 Comments

The salvation that has been revealed through Jesus Christ is of such a nature that the majestic angels would love to look into it, but can't. What is so intriguing to the angels? Aren't they the mighty beings of heaven that have access to realities that we can't see? Aren't they more powerful than even our imaginary superheroes of today? What is so grand about the salvation that Jesus revealed?... Keep Reading

It Was God's Idea

Posted September 6, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Christians who are under pressure because of their unfriendly culture need to hear that God is not only their comforter, but also their source. They do not need to be so focused on their efforts that they forget his. They are not breathlessly trying to get to heaven or be heavenly on this earth as much as they are the beneficiaries of God's mercy. Before they got here, God's mercy was being displayed. He has been the initiator of their salvation, and it includes their being born again into a new realm.... Keep Reading

Both Grace And Peace

Posted August 30, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |1 Comments

We don't pay much attention to salutations now. It is just a formality that we glance at as we move quickly into the content of the correspondence. Biblical writers viewed it with much more appreciation. In this case, Peter is speaking over his readers the blessing given in the gospel he is advocating.... Keep Reading

Set Apart to New Obedience

Posted August 23, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |1 Comments

Peter is giving scattered first century believers reason to hope even though they are surrounded by a hostile culture. He establishes for them the truth about who they are and what has happened to them as they embrace the gospel. It is fantastic what has happened to them. It started long before they ever decided to believe. God the Father loved them and chose them to be his own. Foreknowledge means more than knowing the future. It means knowing people. He didn't just know what was going to happen when they heard the gospel. He chose them to hear the gospel and to be set apart for the purpose of living in obedience to Jesus.... Keep Reading

Chosen Sojourners

Posted August 16, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |1 Comments

Alan Wright has wisely instructed us to get accustomed to living as missionaries in our own nation. Increasingly, the prevailing culture is becoming more hostile to the values of the gospel community. We can spend our time pining over the losses we have incurred morally, or we can take courage from the testimony of the early church that lived in the midst of cultures that were yet to be infected by the power of the gospel of Jesus. The apostle Peter wrote to such people, and we shall seek to find in his writings reasons for hope in our day.... Keep Reading

Living in Favor

Posted November 10, 2015 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

It is possible that the eighth chapter of Proverbs is the apex of wisdom literature. Wisdom is personified as one who has the keys to meaningful life and is eager to give them to those who recognize the value of wisdom. It points to a time in Solomon's future when ultimate wisdom is fully demonstrated in the person of Jesus the Christ. In this chapter, wisdom rehearses the role she plays in creation and the delight she has in the all of creation---especially the children of man. She declares that those who find her find life and favor from the Lord, and those who neglect her actually love death.... Keep Reading

Family Wisdom

Posted October 27, 2015 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

While many in our culture are arguing over family values and some are insisting that we abandon all restraints to sexual desires, we have the testimony of Wisdom for an anchor. Wisdom teaches us that God ordained families to train us how to view such powerful dynamics as sex and fidelity. We learn by models more than by lectures, and what we see modeled in our early life gives definition to the relationships that will mold our entire lives.... Keep Reading

Wrath & Love

Posted October 14, 2015 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Does the God of love hate? Actually, his love demands he hate that which threatens those he loves. The great news of the gospel is that his love is so great that God in Christ became the sin that is so destructive to his creatures and condemned it in the flesh (Romans 8: 3).... Keep Reading

Wake Up & Go to Work

Posted September 15, 2015 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

In a day when the value of human labor is debated, we need clarification about why and how we work. The emphasis for many in affluent societies is on less work and more play. It seems we only work when we absolutely must. The real objective is not to work. Of course, for some who have not found work, a job is desirable. Even then, however, many would not work if they could pay the bills without it.... Keep Reading

Intoxicating Marriage

Posted September 2, 2015 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Fatherly wisdom encourages us to embrace the gifts that God gives us and to refuse to settle for the substitutes offered by the deceiver. This is especially true in relation to marriage and the alternatives that compete with it. The temptation to adultery appeals to our selfishness. After all, we shouldn't be expected to be limited to just one sex partner, should we? There just seems to be great adventure in stepping outside of moral constraints. Sadly, our contemporary culture glamorizes sexual exploits before and outside of marriage and often mocks those who insist on following the advice of eternal wisdom. Movies are made portraying adult virgins as naive and even weird.... Keep Reading

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