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Dudley's Weekly Word

The War Against Your Soul

Posted December 28, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |1 Comments

It has been established that we are set apart to represent our Lord on this earth. We have been forgiven and cleansed by an act of unmatched mercy. We have been identified as his people on earth. We have been born again of the imperishable seed of his word. Our purpose is to reveal what free living looks like. We are not only free from the enslaving power of sin, but we are free from the accusing voice of the Law. We have been so united with Christ by the Spirit that we as a faith community can display the original design for mankind. We must be aware that there is a war going on because God's enemy has a strategy to thwart the plan.... Keep Reading

The Truly Elite

Posted December 7, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Writing to a group of scattered Christians who had no real identity in their culture, Peter emphasizes who these people really are. They were rejected by the Jewish community because their Savior was the same Jesus that was rejected by the Jewish system. The secular culture viewed them as some kind of strange sect that was neither Jewish nor pagan. They were followers of a rejected and crucified master. They had no status. Yet their mission was to bless all nations. How would they ever do it?... Keep Reading

The Rejected Stone

Posted November 29, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Jesus is offensive to those who have refused to respond to the previous revelations of God given through creation, conscience, and scripture. It is truly remarkable that mankind could be so blind as not to see the beauty of God in all that is around us. Yet, we are reminded daily that Jesus is rejectable. Believers should be overwhelmed with the mercy shown to us in opening our eyes to see his matchless mercy.... Keep Reading

It Is Time To Give Thanks

Posted November 22, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |1 Comments

We have just endured a grueling election, and feelings are still strong. Some are angry. Some are elated. Some are relieved. A huge transition is under way, and no really knows what the immediate future holds politically. There is still a lot of angst in the air. What a great time to stop and give thanks. Our souls need a refreshing and our hearts long to be whole. But more than these, God deserves to be worshipped as the source of all blessings. It is time to give thanks.... Keep Reading

Born to Worship

Posted November 8, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

We were made to worship! It is the reason for our existence. It is the only way we find our purpose, and it is the epitome of our delight. Adam and Eve worshipped God at all times. They adored him and obeyed him as they enjoyed his fellowship. It was in an act of worship that Cain became angry and killed his brother. When humans have gone astray, they have done so by worshipping something other than the true God.... Keep Reading

Coming Grace

Posted November 1, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

The nature of this magnificent salvation that former prophets inquired about and angels long to see is one of ever approaching grace. It is the continual progressive revelation of Christ and his rule now and forever. The prophet Daniel had dreams about the various kingdoms in history, culminating with the establishment of God's kingdom through his people on earth. The stone rolling down the mountain and crushing the image of human governments is identified as the same stone that the Jewish leaders rejected, but who became the cornerstone of God's final temple. Jeremiah had prophesied of a new day with a new covenant and a new people. Jesus confirmed that covenant with his own life and death.... Keep Reading

No Mere Angel

Posted October 25, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Someone recently referred to the time of his death as being when he would get his harp and wings. It is a common euphemism but does not reflect the Bible's evaluation of us. We have never been angels. (Even our mothers can agree with that!) We shall never be angels. We are the unique image-bearers of God himself. The blood of God's Son has redeemed us, and that doesn't apply to angels.... Keep Reading

Taste of Good

Posted October 18, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

One taste of the kind of goodness found in God is enough to motivate one to do whatever is necessary to get more. Those who find it a chore to drink of the pure spiritual milk must not have tasted the goodness or they have somehow forgotten how it taste.... Keep Reading

Freedom Is Tricky

Posted October 11, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Many people are tired of their enslavement. It is true also that many are not. They have denied their condition and bristle at the suggestion that they are being deprived of a world of delight by holding on to their own bondage. But the ones who admit that they are tired have had enough of the fears that paralyze them, the addictions that drive them, the obsessions that haunt them, the perversions that shame them, and the cycles of oppression that keep them in confusion. They long to be free.... Keep Reading

Liberating Fear

Posted October 4, 2016 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Christians have long debated what it means to fear God. Some view him as the strict judge who is keeping a detailed record of all our misdeeds, and so they are almost paralyzed in fear of doing something wrong. Others emphasize the bigness of God and say that we are to live with a sense of awe, but not to fear any repercussions for our actions. Peter gives us some clarity: God is the impartial judge who is our Father. Both of those designations are good news.... Keep Reading

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