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Dudley's Weekly Word

Rejoicing in Sufferings

Posted January 21, 2014 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

This seems an odd statement to the contemporary American Christian. We not only have been led to view suffering as something to avoid, it is often seen as evidence that our faith is defective. We are often exhorted to believe some specific admonition so that we will find the highest level of comfort and convenience possible. We are embarrassed about our suffering more than we consider it a privilege. When asked how we are doing in our efforts to represent Christ and his gospel, we tend to feature the numbers who love us and think we are grand. We seldom mention the hostility that exists in the world toward a God who refuses to conform to current societal norms.... Keep Reading

No Shifting Hope

Posted January 16, 2014 by: Dudley Hall |0 Comments

Every religion in the world, except the gospel of Jesus Christ, offers alternatives to regain God's favor. When the gospel is not central (and repeated often) we slip in our faith and shift in our hope.... Keep Reading

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