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For the past several years, Dudley Hall and Sam Storms have hosted a Theological Roundtable Discussion at Tesoro Escondido Ranch

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The first Roundtable focused on the topic of eschatology; from there topics have included pastoring human sexuality, the "Already, Not Yet" dynamic of the kingdom, gospel ethics, and recent moves of God ("From Charismatic to Kerygmatic"). The result in each case has been an invigorating, edifying and productive time of fellowship and discussion around aspects of theology that have been ignored because of controversy, or exploited based on poor understanding of Scriptural interpretation and worldview. All who have participated are agreed that it is worthwhile to continue these discussions.

Once again, we are planning the Theological Roundtable at Tesoro Escondido, and this year we are focusing on an exciting theme:

Hypergrace & Holiness

October 25-27, 2016
Tesoro Escondido Ranch
Mineral Wells, Texas

We live in an era when the gospel of grace is being rediscovered. In the process there is a growing debate as to how embracing the scandalous grace of God through Jesus leads to a life of holiness described in the New Testament. There have been several books published and numerous blogs posted on the heresy of hypergrace. Those who have personally seen a bigger gospel than before feel that "hyper" is not an adequate description of a freedom that defies imagination. Let's talk about it on the banks of the Brazos River!

The Theological Roundtable is by invitation only. If you have been invited it is because we believe you are a key player in the leadership of the church. Your voice will impact thousands as the generational influence continues. It will be well worth your investment to be a part of these vital discussions. Also, I value your opinions and perspectives in regard to these issues. Your perspective needs to be included. There will be several papers presented and discussions will follow the presentations.

This Roundtable Discussion will take place October 25-27, 2016, at the Tesoro Escondido Ranch near Mineral Wells, Texas. If you’ve never been there, it is a beautiful retreat facility on a bluff over-looking the Brazos River approximately 1½ hours west of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The cost inclusive of meals and lodging is $275. We’ll begin with dinner at 6:00PM on Tuesday, October 25 followed by our first session and conclude with lunch on Thursday, October 27.

Please click here to see the Suggested Reading List for Theological Roundtable 2016 Participants.

If you will be able to join us, please register as soon as possible. There is limited space available at the ranch, and this year we are extending more invitations than there is space. Click on the "Register Now" button below. Call our office (817-267-9224) or send an email (Lauren@KerygmaVentures.com) if you have any questions.


Note: On Thursday afternoon at 2PM just prior to the start of the Roundtable, we will have a Kerygma Network meeting.

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