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JULY 2017

FR-JUL17-EPIC 2017 CDs

EPIC 2017 Conference Audio CD Set

Seven Keynote Messages by Dudley Hall, Alan Wright & Kenny Thacker

Once upon a time...
In a land far, far away...

These phrases conjure a sense of adventure, of exhilarating journeys and heroic stories filled with challenge, danger, thrilling climaxes, honor, and justice. They are the stories we wish were true to life. They are the stories of what life is supposed to be. They are the stories we want to live. They are EPICS.

Yet we find ourselves caught up in the minutia of everyday life. We forget the princesses and knights and battles raging for ultimate justice. Those are confined to video games and fantasy while the excitement and adventure for which we were created are drained out of life in the “real” world.

But the ultimate EPIC beckons . . .

Great stories are great because they resonate in our hearts with the ultimate story—the story that gives mean- ing to life—the story that is more powerful than death—the story that is the power of transformation.

Relive the 2017 EPIC Conference and celebrate the EPIC because The Story Changes Everything!

  • Message 1 - Dudley Hall - Clarifying the Story
  • Message 2 - Alan Wright - The Hidden Battle: Silencing the Hiss of the Enemy’s Voice
  • Message 3 - Dudley Hall - The Promise Fulfilled
  • Message 4 - Panel Discussion
  • Message 5 - Dudley Hall - The Exile Is Over
  • Message 6 - Alan Wright - Abigail and David: How the Gospel Changes Us
  • Message 7 - Kenny Thacker - Recalibrating Community
Audio Series: EPIC 2017 Conference EPIC17 CD Set
(7 messages on 7 CD discs)
Suggested Donation: $35.00

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