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Trusting the Just Judge

DWW headerTrusting the Just Judge

“…but continue entrusting himself to him who judges justly.”

1 Peter 2:23b (ESV)

Christians are participants in the new creation, radically born again of the imperishable seed of God’s word. They have been separated for his possession and use in this world. They are filled with light and are placed in the midst of darkness. They are often broken so the light is seen by those walking in darkness. They embrace this calling and are ready to give an answer for the radical hope that steadies them in the midst of storms. They live in the same world as those who have not yet been enlightened by the gospel, and they must submit to the same forces that inhabit the world. Injustice and unfairness are common.

None of the human institutions that govern society is perfect, and the people that administer them aren’t either.

Wives live with flawed husbands who abdicate their roles of servanthood and adopt tyranny. Husbands live with wives who are fearful and combat their fear by attempting to control. Workers have bosses who are more politically motivated than personally interested in empowering their workers. Believers attend churches where the ecclesial leaders are faulty humans, and systems are more revered than God’s word. There are many opportunities to kick against the structures that try to give order to culture.

Yet Jesus has given us the example (1 Peter 2:21-23). Despite the flaws of a fallen world, Jesus trusted the sovereign goodness of the just judge. He didn’t try to defend himself. He didn’t react to aggression. He trusted that the Father would do exactly what he planned and that he was safer in the Father’s hands than anywhere else.

The Just Judge can still be trusted. He is as conscious of you as he was of Jesus when the trial was going on. You are called to his purpose just like Jesus is. If you are being treated unfairly and there is a storm raging in your soul, try entrusting yourself to him who judges righteously.

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