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It Is Time To Give Thanks


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It Is Time To Give Thanks

Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 106:1

We have just endured a grueling election, and feelings are still strong. Some are angry. Some are elated. Some are relieved. A huge transition is under way, and no really knows what the immediate future holds politically. There is still a lot of angst in the air. What a great time to stop and give thanks. Our souls need a refreshing and our hearts long to be whole. But more than these, God deserves to be worshipped as the source of all blessings. It is time to give thanks.

He has created us out of his love. He has rescued us from our sins. He has cleansed us from defilement, and he has set us apart as belonging to him for his purposes. It is time to give thanks.

He has spared no expense to thrill us with his beauty. He has given of himself to make us partners in his field. He has amazed us with his mercy and called us into his love. It is time to give thanks.

He has made us for each other. He has gifted us to be a blessing. He has set us in families both natural and spiritual. We are his body because he decreed it. It is time to give thanks.

He enjoys our communion. He delights in our trust. His face of favor shines on us because he reconciled us to himself through his Son. He has given freely of his Spirit. It is time to give thanks.

His love is unconditional. His grace is unlimited. His mercy is unimaginable. His knowledge is beyond understanding. His wisdom endures forever. He has given himself to his people. It is time to give thanks.

All that we have or hope to have are gifts that come to us from his resources. We are saved by grace through faith and that is a gift of God. We have no rights apart from his graciousness and no claims on anything but death. It is time to give thanks.

He is the ultimate king and the present ruler over all the affairs of men and nations. He has paid the price of redemption, and everything paid for will bend to his will. The powerful may boast, but he laughs. It is time to give thanks.

O Lord, we thank you for all that you have done to make us and give us your life. For all the blessings that surround us, we give thanks. You are good, and we thank you.

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Powerful, true perspective that caused my heart to worship with thanksgiving. This will be shared with family and friends. Thank you for this word.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Dudley.

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